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The musician’s life with God

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Dear youth, friends and brethren in the Lord,

we are here again with new information for you, this time not in order to invite you to some youth camp or a concert, but regarding a day of prayer and meditation on the subjects regarding music. As some of you have already heard, it was decided that worldwide in out churches the Sabbath on October 1st be dedicated to music.
To this object, some study materials have been prepared, which will be discussed in our churches. These articles will also be published in the Ultima Generaţie magazine. As the time is rather short and we will probably not be able to send these materials to all local churches, we ask those of you who have internet access, that you please download them and take them to church. Also, we ask you that you please pass on this information to other persons as well, and if you have the possibility, that you please take what you have downloaded to the regions with no internet connection.
We hope that these materials will help us to better understand God’s will regarding the attitude of a musician when they come before Him, and that we understand more deeply and better the following statement: “When our hearts are tuned to praise our Maker, not only in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, but also in our lives, we shall live in communion with Heaven. Our offering of grateful thanks will not be spasmodic, or reserved for special occasions; there will be gratitude in the heart and in the home, in private as well as in public devotion. This constitutes the true worship of God.” We wish you many heavenly blessings and that His grace be poured in a rich measure over you all.
All that you need for the Sabbath morning and afternoon study can be found under the following links:
In the morning, we will have a special topic for the divine service. The chosen topic will be “True worship”.
Please download these materials for the morning Divine Service from this link: Sabbath morning. In this link you have a PowerPoint presentation and two Microsoft Word or PDF documents regarding the Sabbath morning study.
The Sabbath afternoon program should be a special occasion for communion, with music and interaction with the brethren. The meeting is designed not only for musicians, but for all the SDARM community, visitors and interested friends included.
For the afternoon program the following material will be downloaded: The musician and his life with God.
Please download the materials for the Youth Program from the following link: Sabbath afternoon
In this link you have a PowerPoint presentation and two Microsoft Word or PDF documents regarding the Sabbath afternoon study.
For more information and details regarding this event, please consult the guidelines “The Musician and His Life with God”: PDF.
In Christian love your brethren and friends,
Demis Oz & Corneliu Barbu

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